Here are some related websites that you might find useful or interesting about Marabu,
and news about other Windfall yachts 


The changes to Marabus design and the Bermuda Race in 1952


The adventures of Marabu in the Bermuda and Transatlantic Races as part of the Coastal Forces 


Commander Sam Stanley BrooksCommander Peter Richardson, 


Lieutenant Commander Martyn Sherwood, see this pdf link (pages 11-13), 


Commander Keith Rogerson


Iain MacLaren, one of Marabu's crew in the Tall Ships Race 1956, talks about his experiences, 1999


Brian Treliving, one of Marabu's crew in the Tall Ships Race 1956, is presented with his Veteran medal, 2011

Re-recording of the Prizes of War TV programme from 1985​, including an interview with Peter Richardson


Marabus 20th participation in the Royal Escape Race to Fecamp by skipper Anita Sharp


The story of the boys from Bowden House School experiencing Marabu in a gale in 2002

The progress of Marabus restoration by Kerstin Schulz on her blog


Other 100 square metre yachts



Website of The Offshore Cruising Club, a sailing club built around Overlord, previously Pelikan (X13)

Visit Sail Overlord-Offshore Cruising Club Facebook page for Overlord



Photos of Eisvogel, previously Gladeye (X8), its history and specification on the broker's website 


The story behind restoring Kranich (X16) since 2010; helping Kranich to fly again



Report in German on the sale of Flamingo (X9), built in 1936


Plenty of photos of Flamingo, its history and specification on the broker's website


Flamingo in Helsinki for Tall Ships Races in 2013 


The Facebook page of Zeeraend, previously known as Wal and Merlin (X19), with photos, plus a video 
of the yacht sailing in Ostend in March 2019


50 square metre yachts



 Marabu's sister Kestrel became part of Marabu Sailing Club in 1989. 
Visit this page to see images of Kestrel's restoration in Germany and scroll down
to the photos of Abeking & Rasmussen yacht (1937).

For YouTube videos of progress:

Kestrel video 1
Kestrel video 2


Sea Scamp

Website of the Sea Scamp Sailing Club. Built in 1936, Sea Scamp was previously called Zeizig.

Visit Sea Scamp, the Facebook page of Sea Scamp


Also previously known as Pegasus and Sea Victor, this is the story of Hiltgund



The Facebook page of Nordost (previously Silver Tassie and Seegram), built in 1928

Sea Otter

Some shared photos of Sea Otter with HMS Vernon at the end of the 1940, early 50s are on the
Windfall Yachts Facebook page

Sea Wraith

 Sea Wraith, built in 1937 (originally Zeegeist), became news in 2017 when she struggled to float in Burghead harbour in Scotland after restoration by Richard Ogilvy. This report is from Practical Boat Owner.

30 square metre yachts


The Windfall Yachts Facebook page, with regular updates, including news and photos of Suna (previously Aegir). Please note that Suna is being auctioned in 2021. Visit the Facebook page for details.

Some of the story behind Aegir/Suna 

Very interesting video about Suna and the Windfall yachts, My Classic Boat, with former owners
Andy Wiles and Paula Duck in a film made in June 2018 by Bob Aylott for the My Classic Boat website

Suna is an invited friend of the Harrison Butler Association, some details are on the HBA website

Some photographs of Suna on Google Photos, provided by Chris Claydon with older pictures from John Kapp



Plenty of photos of Erida (formerly Erda) built in 1937, fully restored by 2009, its history and specification on the broker's website 

General Windfall yachts

Windfall Yachts 

The Windfall Yachts Facebook page, with regular updates and news

German Facebook page Freundeskreis Klassische Yachten

The end of an era at the British Kiel Yacht Club from Classic Boat magazine


Windfall history

The website of the author of The Windfall Yachts – A Legacy of Goodwill, the late Michael Cudmore, 2007

Related interest

Tall Ships' Races

The history of the Tall Ships Races, including the story of the first ever Race in 1956


British pathe film of the Tall Ships Race 1956 with the news of the sinking of the Moyana on her return home

The barque Eagle was built in Germany in 1936 and recommissioned by the US at the end of the war. It is mainly used for training cadets and officers and for Tall Ships' Races as part of Sail Training International



HMS Hornet, HMS Excellent and Coastal Forces

The history of HMS Hornet, after the decommissioning of the Coastal Forces in 1956


The history of HMS Excellent in Portsmouth Harbour


The history of the Coastal Forces, now the Coastal Forces Heritage Trust


Other yachts of interest

Samuel Pepys

Bill Wise describes the passage on board the yacht Samuel Pepys in the Bermuda and Transatlantic Races under Erroll Bruce. To find, copy and paste to browser: FF2014-1-wise_pp139-150.pdf



We are very interested in news of all Windfall yachts.

If you can add to this list, please contact us