Marabu and Kestrel are sold


Marabu’s final cruising ground with the club was in the summer of 2004 in the West Country. With increasing structural weaknesses at her stern and the need to start replacing the Swedish iron frames finally took their toll on Marabu and the club. At the end of 2004 Marabu and Kestrel were sold to a new owner on the East coast, who had undertaken on many boatbuilding projects in the past. In January 2005 it was formally agreed at a special meeting of the AGM that the Marabu Sailing Club would be folded.


Marabu was sailed to Ipswich just before Christmas in a team of four (with the new owner Christopher Dean, Andrew Clark, Barrie Smith and Mike Counter), while Kestrel went on a low loader from Eastbourne. With all good intentions and workshop premises at Ipswich, there was an attempt to assemble a team to assist in Marabu’s restoration. Sadly this was not to be and Marabu remained at Ipswich until purchased by Martin Yachts, based in Germany. The boat was bought as seen in 2009 with the intention of finding a buyer to invest, beginning restoration work in 2017.